Hair care products in Coffs Harbour

Hair Care Product — Hair Stylist in Coffs Harbour, NSW
Hairy Rumours Hairdressing Salon offers high-quality products from best-selling brands like Nak, Juuce, Joico and de Lorenzo. Our expert stylists can recommend which products are best for your unique hair traits.

Australian-made Nak products include shampoos, conditioners, finishing agents, styling gels, purifying balms, deep repair formulations and colouring products that keep your hair healthy and vibrant.

Vegan-friendly Juuce hair care products are also made in Australia. They are infused with botanicals like dandelion, aloe vera, Kakadu plum, wattle seed, desert lime and quandong. These plant extracts keep your hair tangle-free, resistant to harmful UV rays and healthy from root to tip.

Joico hair care products feature anti-breakage technologies that keep your hair strong and beautiful. They contain nourishing essential oils that maximise shine, protect against sunlight and create pre-lightened looks in sand, silver, clear and violet shades.

De Lorenzo hair care products are Australian-made to be environmentally sustainable. The family-owned business has been providing superior-quality products for salons and customers since 1945. These products are made from organic fruit and vegetable extracts without any petrochemicals.